procare-6500With the Pro 6500 Smart Series, Braun is truly living up to their role as an innovator. There are gadgets and then there are uber gadgets; tooth brushes and then exceptional mouth care products. In both cases, the 6500 Smart Series falls under the latter category.


The model boasts a large range of features and functions and as the name suggests, Braun have introduced Bluetooth to further enhance the feature rich device. I was excited to get into the box with this one and see exactly how good the beast was, as well as get to grips with what Bluetooth can really bring to the world of oral hygiene.

How It Feels In The Hand

Braun follows a similar shaft design for all its models, slender, ergonomic and robust to hold. With the Pro 6000 and 6500 series however, the shaft is slightly thicker with a more defined grip. It’s a solid shaft with well positioned buttons and clear indicator lights. It feels professional and it looks professional. The design of the shaft sheds light on the fact that even little changes can make good improvements.


How It Feels To Use The Professional Care 6500

It can take a little while to get used to all the different settings and programmes, and if you are a bit of a geek freak like me, you need to fight the urge at first to brush your teeth down to pegs in your eagerness to test everything out. You really do get plenty to play with though and most importantly an incredible clean. The only thing that will move more plaque than this is a trip to the hygienist.

The Six Modes Of Cleaning
The Oral-B Pro 6500 comes with a wireless guide (which we will get to later) and 6 cleaning modes. The ‘Daily Clean’ mode is the standard mode found on all models in the series, utilising the 3D oscillating, rotating and pulsating cleaning technology that stands Braun out from the crowd. With the addition of the Triple Pressure Sensor, you get a more accurate response to when you are applying over the recommended level of pressure when brushing. Too much pressure can wear your brush head out quicker and be counter productive to cleaning.

The ‘Sensitive’ mode provides a gentler clean, with less rotations and pulses per minute to prevent irritation for those with sensitivity issues. I found this was good at first when getting used to the brush, particularly around the gums. Speaking of gums, there is a ‘Gum Care’ mode that is designed to effectively stimulate and massage gums; a ‘Whitening’ mode for polishing and removing surface stains; a ‘Deep Clean’ mode that extends the 2 minute clean to 3 minutes – alerting you every 45 seconds rather than 30 seconds for each quadrant; finally there is the ‘Tongue Cleaning’ mode that speaks for itself.

A Variety Of Brush Heads
To facilitate all the different modes above, the Pro 6500 comes with a variety of different brush heads. In the box, you get one Cross Action head, one Floss Action, one 3D White head and a Sensitive head. Make sure you use the right one for the mode you are using to provide optimal result.

What Does Bluetooth Bring To The Table?

The Bluetooth functionality might be a bit gimmicky for some and for those, I would recommend getting a model further down the range as this is quite an expensive toy if you are never going to use it. For those that love to stuff technology into every element of their life and always looking for more data, hacks and enhancements then this has the potential to develop into something quite remarkable.

oral-b professional care 6500

As it stands, the Bluetooth element allows you to track the results of your brushing daily, weekly and monthly. It also allows you to customise your brushing, all whilst bringing you the news or weather or allowing you to check your schedule for the day. Really? From a toothbrush? Oh yes.

The 6500 series comes with an external Smart Guide timer, which is essentially a screen that you can use to time your brush and guide you when it’s time to move from quadrant to quadrant. Where the Bluetooth and the Smart Guide really start to become useful though is when you hook them up to a compatible 4.0 Bluetooth device like your phone or tablet, to where you can download the Oral-B app. Using the app brings you the opportunity to really start customising your brushing experience.

Oral B SmartGuide Device

It will receive brushing data and report it back to you, but it can also be programmed to communicate with the toothbrush for personalised brushing. Smart indeed. This is all great from a gadgetry point of view, but many will just not find the time or interest to use all these additional features.

Other Features And Extras of The Oral B Pro 6500

The battery
The claim by Braun, is that the battery life in the 6000 and 6500 series is the best yet, with up to 10 days life. In reality however, I found the power lasted on average far less than that at 7 days. This is by no means bad for a Braun but a big fall short of the suggested 10 days.

Travel Case
The travel case is slick, well designed and sturdy. It’s a great little add on to keep the brush and accessories safe while travelling and it looks good too.


The Bottom Line - The Oral B Pro 6500 is Awesome, but do you really need it?

Oral-B’s Pro 6500 is expensive and if you’re not going to use all the apps and software with the Bluetooth then you’re better off getting a model further down the range at a snip of the price. That being said, what you get with the Smart Guide and the Bluetooth functionality is revolutionary in the oral hygiene department.

There is the ability to generate data galore, to tailor brushing patters and programmes, to monitor progress and check the news or weather at the same time. It does however, feel a bit like a data overload, and while perhaps good for educating kids on the importance of oral hygiene and perfecting technique, it’s a bit too much, at least at the moment.

Remember that this is the first of its kind, a pioneer into the bonding of oral hygiene and smart software. This is the future of brushing, and if you love to be at the forefront of technical gadgetry, rest assured you’re in safe hands with Braun.