Is This Toothbrush A Hidden Gem Or Fools Gold?


BUY AT AMAZON! Oral B Professional Care 2000

When it comes to electric toothbrushes, or indeed for any type of gadget or personal care product there are three main types of buyer. There are the ‘must have the latest model’ types of buyers where price is rarely an object and that hunt for the luxury models.

Then there are the ‘like a virgin’ buyers, that often come in at entry level to test or try a product out to see if they like to or not before committing to anything expensive. Between these two types of buyer however, lies another group, the ‘I’d buy that for a dollar’ type of buyer. These people are constantly on the lookout for value for money, for hidden gems and bargains and it is this group of people that often pick up mid-range and ‘last season’ products at a snip of the price to get the best for their buck.

For this group, the Professional Care 2000 Braun should be a no brainer. It’s mid-range with a name that excels in personal care products. But would they be impressed? Is it any good and is it value for money?

Key Features - What Makes The Oral-B Pro Care 2000 Worth Having?

There is little difference in design between any of the Professional Care models. Whether it the Oral-B Procare 1000 series, the 6000 series or anything in between. The only difference with the chassis is the colour of each model and that is it. So with the design, nothing is different. You get the same robust, well-made handset that you do with all the models in the range. The real difference between the 2000 series and those further down the range are in the form of the following two things.

Cleaning Modes
The 2000 series has two cleaning modes; ‘Daily Clean’ and ‘Sensitive’ clean. The ‘Daily Clean’ mode comes as standard on each model in the range, providing the Braun patented 3D clean that oscillates, rotates and pulsates to remove twice as much plaque as manual brushing and 10% more than other electric brushes. It’s the key reason to choose a Braun.

The ‘Sensitive’ cleaning mode operates at a lower speed to provide a gentler clean. Whilst most dentists don’t recommend using an electric brush if you have sensitive teeth, this mode does allow for less irritation around the gums and suited mostly to those that like a soft brush.

Two Types of Brush Head
In the box, you get the standard Precision Clean brush head, but you also get a Floss Action brush head too, which you don’t with the 1000 series. The Floss Action head in my opinion works like magic between the teeth, it certainly gives deeper penetration than the standard Precision Clean head, but would hardly be worth the greater price tag on its own.

Other Features Of The Oral B Pro Care 2000

In addition to the key features above, the Pro Care 2000 series also comes with the stack of other features you get with the range. These include a built in timer that lets you know when you’ve reached the 2 minute recommended brush time, as well as a pulse every 30 seconds to let you know when it’s time to move on to the next quadrant of teeth.

There is the standard pressure sensor that will stop the pulsing action and flash a little LED warning light if you are brushing too hard, and the same 40000 pulses and 8000 sweeps per minute that you get as standard with the range. You can also use any of the Braun brush heads that the 1000 series uses.

The Battery
There is also no difference in the battery life and charge time than with the 1000 Series. That being said, if you do use the ‘Sensitive’ clean setting, you will find you get more brushes out of it between charges – as this setting uses less power.


The Bottom Line - The Oral B Professional Care 2000 Is Like A Reliable Old Friend

So let’s go back and answer our questions from the start.
Is It Any Good? – Yes it is good, as good as you can expect from Braun. It will brush your teeth well, clean magnificently and deliver far superior results to manual brushing.

Is It Value For Money?

Compared to other brands, yes. Compared to the Pro Care 1000 series…no, at least not at full price. The two main differences between the two models are the cleaning modes and the extra brush head. The ‘sensitive’ cleaning mode will not be everyone’s cup of tea and to some, an unused and unnecessary feature. The extra brush head itself does not justify the increased price.

That being said, if you can pick one of these up at a discount then you may just well find yourself not only impressed, but in possession of a hidden gem.