The Mid-Range Dilema



The Braun Pro Care range is renowned for its reliability and superiority in cleaning and performance. With the Pro Care brush head it is the brand and the series that most dentists recommend. At the bottom end of the range you have the entry level 1000 series and at the top, the 6000 series.

Oral-B Professional Care 3000

However, in the middle of these two extremes there are four other models in the range. Now the problem with buying a mid-range brush, is making sure that you get the best bits of the lesser models, with enough extras or improvements to justify spending more money.

This is often where mid-range models fall off into obscurity as often the extras don’t justify the price tag. But how does the 3000 series stand up in this regard, is it a worthy step up from the 1000 or 2000 series, or are the extras just not worth the price tag?

Whats Different With The 3000 Series?

With the mid-range Pro Clean models, the main difference you notice as you move up the series, are the addition of different cleaning brushes and cleaning modes. Beyond this, all areas of design and functionality remain more or less the same.

The chassis and design of the 3000 series is exactly that of the 1000 series – only in a different colour. That being said, the design as it stands needs no improvement. The shaft is ergonomic and functional, providing good weight, grip and reach. Where the 3000 series does improve on those down the range is with the following:

3 Distinctly Different Cleaning Modes –
While the 1000 series only comes with the standard ‘Daily Clean’ mode, the 3000 series adds another two modes to this with the; ‘Sensitive’ clean and ‘Whitening’ mode. The ‘Daily Clean’ mode is Braun’s steadfast hero, utilising the patented 3D clean technology that remove up to twice as much plaque as manual brushing. This mode combines pulsing and rotational sweeps to offer a deep clean.


The ‘Sensitive’ cleaning mode is recommended for those with either sensitive teeth or gums. It operates at a lower speed and is less abrasive than the daily clean mode. Whilst most dentists don’t recommend using an electric brush if you have sensitive teeth, this mode does allow for less irritation around the gums and suited mostly to those that like a soft brush.

The ‘Whitening’ mode is only available on models of the Series 3000 and above, so this is the lowest in the range where you will get this feature. When used in conjunction with the whitening brush head, this mode is designed to polish and clean surface stains from teeth

3 Types of Brush Head
To compliment the three cleaning settings, the 3000 series sports 3 different brush heads. There is the Precision Clean brush head that you get with any series in the range; the Floss Action brush head which also comes with the 2000 series, and a Whitening brush head which you don’t get with any of the lower series.

The Floss Action head is great for getting deep between the teeth but the whitening head – as you may expect- takes a bit of time to make any noticeable difference. It does however make your teeth feel like you’ve just stepped out of the hygienists office.

Standard Features To Expect From The Pro Clean Range

Features that are common to the Pro Clean range, also include a built in timer that alerts you when your 2 minutes are done; a pressure sensor that reacts with a flashing LED and stops the pulsing action when you push too hard, and a motor that delivers a competitive 40000 pulses per minute that you get as standard with the range.

The design is also entirely waterproof and backwards compatible, which allows you to use any of the brush heads compatible with lower series models in the range.

What’s In The Box


- Professional Care 3000 rechargeable toothbrush
- Charging stand – with built in container for your brush heads.
- One Precision Clean brush head
- One 3DWhite brush head
- One Floss Action brush head


Some Added Extras of The Oral B Professional Care 3000

Expanded Charge Station
The charge station that comes with the 3000 series has a built in tray for storing your brush heads. While this adds a nice touch, the charge time and battery life remain the same, so only a superficial improvement here.

Travel Case
Not really an improvement but a nice little accessory to have to keep your brush clean and tidy when travelling.

Enough Of An Improvement over the 1000 Series To Justify The Price?

This is the killer question. There are some clear improvements here, with more cleaning settings and brush heads; improved charging station and travel case but with exception to the cleaning settings the rest are somewhat superficial bonuses.

So is the addition of the extra brush head types and clean settings worth forking out for? If you are just looking for an entry level brush that does what it says on the tin at a bargain price, then stick to the 1000 series. If however price is less of an issue, you suffer from sensitive teeth or gums, want to improve the colour of your teeth and are OCD about the tidiness of your bathroom cabinet, then the mid-range 3000 series may just be what you’re looking for.