Braun with Brains? Take A Look!



Whether it hairdryers, shavers or electric toothbrushes, there is one name that is synonymous with electric personal care products, and that name is Braun. For decades they have been innovating to bring new ideas to the table, for deep and shallow pockets. But does new always mean better?

We wanted to look at the Oral B TriZone 1000, a middle of the road model that is remarkably similar to the Oral-B Professional Care 1000. Given that this model was voted ‘Product of the Year’ in the Consumer Survey of Product Innovation 2013 the question of if new is always better should be a simple one to answer.

What’s In The Box


No surprises here, no fancy little attachments or gimmicks, what you get is what you need:
Charge stand with standard 2-pin plug (you will need a 2 pin to 3 pin adapter plug for the UK but this is standard)

- The electric toothbrush

- 1 TriZone brush head (it is recommended you replace these every 3 months or so, but you can buy a pack of 4 for under a tenner so no big issue with this).

- Certificate for an extra years warranty if you register the product online.

Key Features Of The Oral B TriZone 1000

The Brush Head, A Real Triple Whammy –
The real ‘piece de resistance’ of this model is the brush head. The design allows for three cleaning ‘zones’ to ensure the deepest clean for teeth and gums.

The first is delivered through the angle of the tip, which has been designed to allow greater access to the hard to reach places, such as the back wisdom teeth –where the sweeping and pulsating motion work their magic. The second is delivered through non-sweeping sets of bristles that pulse across the tooth surface to prevent plaque build-up.

Finally, the third cleaning zone is with the sweeping bristle sets that reach down between your teeth to ensure greater coverage. As it is often the areas between your teeth that are the first to suffer from eroded enamel and plaque damage, this is an important factor and the TriZone brush head is designed to reach twice as deep as a manual toothbrush.

Under Pressure –
Brushing too hard can be counterproductive for your teeth, and even expedite the process of enamel erosion. The Oral B TriZone 1000 has a built in visual pressure sensor that will stop the pulsating action if you are pushing too hard. This can take a while to get used to if you are changing away from manual brushing for the first time where it is more natural to apply greater pressure.

Time Is Money –
So it’s important to clean your teeth thoroughly, but you don’t want to be there all day doing it. The TriZone 1000 has a timer built in informs you when you’ve reached the 2 minute recommended brush time. The brush will also pulse every 30 second to alert you to when it’s time to move onto the next quadrant for cleaning. With 40,000 pulsations and 8000 sweeps per minute, 2 minutes is enough.

The Battery – Charge and Life

As battery life goes, the TriZone 1000 is fairly standard. Charge time takes around 18 hours for a full charge, the average is around 16 hours. While the charge time may be over average, the brush does advertise 8 days use with a standard 2 minute clean for that time. In practice however, I found that it needed charged again after 7 days, but this again is fairly standard, certainly no worse than those in the same price range.

The Performance Test

I had recently been using the Braun Vitality and noticed a significant difference when changing to the TriZone 1000. The most noticeable difference was when feeling the back of the teeth with the tongue, there was a more defined clean between the gaps and around the gums. It took a little while to adjust fully to the new shape of brush head, but once I had adjusted and started to really use it properly then the benefits became clear. The back teeth that usually falls foul to inadequate brushing felt a considerable difference.


On top of the clean quality, the build quality itself is good – very durable and very similar to the Professional Care 1000 model with the only real difference in chassis being the colour. The real difference is in the brush head, but if you’re not a fan, the brush is backwards compatible being able to use a variety of different heads.

So What’s The Difference Between The TriZone 1000 And The Professional Care 1000 Model?
There are only two real differences between these two models. The first and most important is in the brush head. The combination of powered, stationary and sweeping bristles provides an edge over its predecessors and other models and where you notice the value for your money. The second difference is in the battery life and while this is marginally better on the TriZone 1000 it is still an improvement.


The Verdict - Oral B TriZone 1000 Passed The Test With Flying Colors

What you get with the TriZone 1000 is value for money and an effective clean. It is well built, durable and about as good as you can get from an entry level brush at this price level. There is little to separate the TriZone 1000 from the Professional Care 1000 model with exception to the brush head and the battery life, but that goes for the price too. The TriZone 100 is a definite champion for those changing from manual to electric for the first time, or those looking for value on a budget.