I make no secret about the fact that I am a Braun fan, having used their brushes for most my life. So when I was asked to test the Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean I was a little sceptical as to how I would feel or the results I would get. When you use a product religiously, you get used to it and changing to a different brand with a different style is clearly going to take a bit of time to get used to.

But much to my surprise, the Diamond Clean enlightened me very quickly to why Philips have also made their selves a good name in the world of the electric toothbrush. But is it good enough to change a habit of a lifetime? Is it possible that I have found a diamond in the rough?

What Comes In The Box


• One Brush head – This surprised me as other brands in the same price bracket often come with more heads.
• One Brush Handle – Nice solid design and comes in either pink, black or white.
• Hygienic Travel Cap
• Charger glass – a nice little feature
• Charging base
• Charging travel case – another nice feature making use of USB
• USB wall adapter – with 2-pin uk plug (adapter required to use with 3 pin outlet)
• USB cord
• User Manual
• 2 year guarantee

On the Surface – How It Looks And Feels

The handle is very similar to the Braun, sleek, solid and robust. There are three colours to choose from – pink, black and ceramic white. It feels good in the hand, solid but not overly weighty. The hidden LED controls are also a nice design element, glowing from within the device and adding a little class to the look of the handle. The Diamond Clean certainly looks every bit the professional toothbrush but how does it deliver in terms of performance and handling? After all, looks can be deceiving.

Key Features Of The Sonicare Diamond Clean

The Diamond Clean is plugged as the ultimate sonic toothbrush from Philips, designed to improve oral health and whiten teeth. So how does it deliver on this and does it live up to the expectation?

Sonicare Cleaning System
The main force behind the performance of the Diamond Clean is the cleaning system. The Sonicare cleaning action does a remarkable job by driving fluid between the teeth at a speedy 31000 brush strokes per minute, which in return provides excellence in cleaning every surface including the gum line. The performance was every bit as good as other leading models I’ve tried and whilst the gums were a little sensitive at first they soon got used to the change.

Diamond Brush Head
It is the diamond shaped brush head that was the inspiration behind the name of this model, but why is the diamond shape important? Well, the shape allows the brush head to hold more bristles than your standard circular brush head. While I did find the brush effective I have to say it wasn’t quite as good as the TriZone Braun brush head, but that’s my opinion based on my own results.

Selection Of Cleaning Modes
As you would expect for a model at the top end of the range, the Sonicare Diamond Clean comes with a range of different cleaning modes. There are five modes in total, clean; white; polish; gum care and sensitive. They are accessed in that order through pressing the power button on the shaft.

One press for clean; press again for white and so on. The slightly annoying thing is having all the modes accessed through the power button, having to cycle through the settings particularly if you press one too many and have to go right round again to get the setting you want. It does look remarkably slick, but could have been designed a little better in my opinion with the functionality of the settings. That aside the performance of each setting is great, particularly the gum health mode – which is suggested to improve gum health in two weeks, and great for fighting off gingivitis.

Exceptional Add-Ons You Get With This Brush

Innovative Glass Charger


The charge station is both cool and stylish, doing away with a box stand or cheap looking plastic tray. To charge the Sonicare Diamond Clean you place the toothbrush in to the glass cup accessory. That’s right, the toothbrush charges by sitting in a glass. The charging glass sits on a glass pad that plugs into a wall socket (with a 2 pin to 3 pin adapter) or a 2 pin bathroom shaver socket. The pad delivers the charge into the brush through the glass. Both clever and tidy to the eye.

Travel Case Charger
The Diamond Clean already has enough to make it a leader and a contender, but Philips doesn’t stop there. Not happy with just providing you with a stylish glass charger, you also get a hard travel case in the box that doubles up as a charger.


Great for charging on the move or when on holiday as you don’t really want to risk breaking your glass charger in transit. The case has a USB cable that you can use to charge from a laptop or USB to wall socket adapter. This is a fantastic and thoughtful add-on.

Could This Be The Best Battery On The Market?

There is no two ways about it, the Philips battery in the Diamond Clean beats the battery in the Braun, any Braun, hands down every time. I found the battery to last around 3 weeks, and there are reports of it lasting for some up to 4 weeks, on a single charge. That is simply outstanding power and something I have never seen from a Braun, not even close.

The Verdict

The Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean is an exceptional piece of kit that is true. It performs well, has some great features and add-ons and the battery is the best I’ve come across yet. But I’m split. On the one hand, even with all the settings on the Diamond Clean, the Braun performs better.

Not by much, but better. On the other hand, the Diamond Clean has a far superior battery and exceptional add-ons that are not just gimmicky fads, but functional and innovative improvements. It is an expensive model to settle for less than the best, but I could easily see why this would be a remarkable bit of kit and an improvement to any one’s bathroom as an all-round achiever.