The Right Balance Of Price For Features


The Sonicare HX6731 might not be the most advanced or feature rich brush in the Philips range, but it has fast become their most popular brush. It outsells every other model hands down but why? The HX6731 is a mid-range model amongst a variety of others.


It doesn’t have the class or style that come with the flagship DiamondClean HX9332 but it outsells it everytime. We decided to put it to the test to see what all the fuss was about.

What’s In The Box

There is nothing out of the ordinary or special here. No flashy add-ons or trinkets, just the basics for what you need:
• Brush Handle
• One ProResults standard brush head
• Hard travel case – This is the lowest model in the range to come with a case.
• Charger – with 2 pin UK plug.

Best Features Of Philips Sonicare HX6731

Variety Of Timers – Something that makes the Sonicare HX6731 unique in the range is that it sports three timers rather than the standard single 2 minute timer. There is the 1 minute GoCare timer for when you’re in a rush, the 2 minute Normal timer and the 3 minute MaxCare for that extra bit of cleaning time.


It’s not much of a change, and the 1 minute timer is less than the dentist recommended 2 minutes for brushing. But there is some sort of psychological justification that when the brush tells you to stop you have done an adequate job – so you feel less guilty about the quick brush. In addition to this, there is the standard quadrant timer to alert you when it’s time to move onto the next section of your teeth.

The Sonic Cleaning Feel Good Factor
There is something about the Sonicare Cleaning system that just makes the teeth feel superb. The technique works with the brush head operating at high speed (31000 strokes per minute) which drives the fluid mixture of saliva and toothpaste on your mouth between your teeth to remove plaque effectively. The ProResults brush head rotates side to side rather than in a circular rotation to provide a sweeping effect on the teeth. The biggest thing you notice after a few days us, is how clean your teeth feel at the back with your tongue, particularly between the gaps and around the gums.

Whitening Setting
The Sonicare HX6731 comes with three settings: clean, sensitive and the clean & white setting. It is the clean & white setting I was interested in trying out the most having recently quit smoking. The clean& white settings follows up the standard 2 minute clean programme with a 30 second burst of whitening mode.


The effect of this mode is to effectively remove surface stains from the teeth. I only noticed a small difference after the initial two weeks, but after the third there was a more noticeable difference in the colour of my teeth. It’s by no means as effective as a specific whitening fluid, but it does make a difference.

Battery and Charge Time

The Sonicare HX6731 has a built in lithium ion rechargeable battery, and this thing can last. The product is advertised as lasting up to 42 x 2 minute sessions and it doesn’t disappoint. I managed to squeeze 20 days out of the first full charge, 40 sessions in total although the last two did show considerable power drop.

Other little features
You do get a nice sturdy travel case with hygienic cap for the brush head with the Sonicare HX6731, something that doesn’t come with any model further down the range. It’s neat and well built, and slim by design – a good add-on to have on the move.

The Bottom Line – A Good Balance

The HX6731 is a bit like Rocky. It might not look like much and could have been easily ignored to fade off into obscurity. But it has turned into a people’s champion. The little beast has made a mighty impact for Philips because for a mid-range model it is the perfect all-rounder.


Every feature is useful right down to the travel case. It has enough to make it stand out from the lower models in the range but at the same time carries a modest price tag, far less than that of the top end models. With this it not only appeals to those looking to get their money’s worth, but also to those looking for something luxurious that ‘has enough’ to satisfy their needs. As far as mid-range models go, the Sonicare HX6731 is certainly worth a second look.