Some kids take to bath time and tooth cleaning time like a duck to water. Not many though, and for thousands of families across the country, trying to get a child to brush their teeth is like trying to get a cat to swim. It often results in a lot of kicking and screaming, coaxing and even bribery to get that toothbrush in their mouth. If only there was a child psychologist to hand in every bathroom.


Well child psychology is exactly what Philips brings you with the Sonicare for Kids. Filled with tricks and ‘special measures’ to try and turn brushing into an activity rather than a chore, a choice rather than a command, the Sonicare for Kids certainly has the welfare of child dental care at heart, but is it any good? Can it really take the tantrum out of tooth cleaning time?

How To Make A Mundane Task An Entertaining Process

What many try to do to get kids involved with brushing their teeth, is to try and make the process fun. The process of this can certainly turn brushing kids teeth into a game, but more like ‘hide and seek’ than ‘see who can brush the cleanest’.


Some even try vegetable dye turn the game into seeing who can brush the dye of their teeth the best, but the interest in this doesn’t last too long generally. What the Philips Sonicare for Kids does, is change the game a little. Kids love technology, flashy lights, bits to dismantle,buttons and sound. This is where the Sonicare for Kids comes into its own.

A Matter Of Choice
From the word go, Philps turn this into an activity. The child is given a choice of stickers to place on their brush and personalise the cover. This instantly engages the child in an activity rather than a chore, and to make a commitment to it which subconsciously – even at that tender age – we don’t like to break.


Child Psychology At Work - While brushing for 2 minutes is the dentists recommended cleaning time, it can be a bit much for kids at first, time moves slower for kids and 2 minutes is a lot of time to give up when patience wears thin. The Sonicare for Kids handles this with two clever psychological elements.

First, the brush will play a series of tunes and audio effects during the brushing process to distract and entertain the child. Second, during the initial use of the brush, it will actually start off with a quicker cleaning programme than 2 minutes – starting at 1 minute. Over the first 90 days this programme gradually extends so that your child is cleaning for the full 2 minutes. Once they get used to waiting for the buzz and the brush to stop, the time gradually extends at an unnoticeable pace. Now that’s a sneaky little trick.

Designed With Kids In Mind

It’s not just what’s on the inside that has been designed with child in mind, but the outside too.
Sized And Shaped For Smaller Hands - The handset is not much smaller than a normal Sonicare, but enough to fit comfortably in a childs hand. It has been designed to rest on its back to allow a child to apply toothpaste to the brush while keeping the brush head facing up and clean rather than rolling back and forth.

Different Modes For Different Ages
Children’s teeth are far smaller and delicate to adult teeth, and as such require a different amount of pressure and speed to get the best balance of cleanliness and longevity.

The Sonicare for Kids comes with a low setting for ages 4-7 and a second faster setting for ages 7 and up. These two settings each have their own brush head respectively, a small one for the younger kids, and large for older kids. However, when you purchase the brush some only come with one head, either the small or the large, but not both so bare this in mind to check you get the right one for you before you buy.

What’s The General Feedback

My youngest has always hated brushing his teeth. I could never engage him with it. He knows when it’s time and that’s when my house turns into a live action ‘search and evade’ game like something out of Call of Duty. But the Sonicare For Kids remarkably helped to change this.

The evasion had become a game for him, and this brush helped to change the game. By actively involving him in the process and giving him the choice from a shiny pack of stickers for the handle, getting him to the bathroom mirror by himself just seemed to happen like magic. The brush was entertaining enough to engage him and unbelievably there is no more kicking or screaming. He doesn’t get excited or energetic about the process, but he accepts it as an activity now more than a chore.

In other tests, Philips claim that through independent research carried out among the children of US dental professionals before launching the Sonicare for kids, 93 per cent of the parents were highly satisfied and a significant 89 per cent of the children said they preferred the Sonicare for kids to their previous toothbrush. But that’s Philips feedback and we will have to take their word for that.


Taking a look at the feedback from on-line reviews however shows much a similar tail. Of the 156 reviews on Amazon, 130 were of 4 stars and above, 104 were 5 star. In addition, from the reviews on Boots website, the brush gets 4.5 out of 5 stars from customer feedback so there certainly must be something good at work here.

The Verdict

Some may be put off by the price tag, but to be fair it is very reasonable for what you get. It is certainly far cheaper than having to drag your child to the dentist due to calcification or extreme plaque build-up.This is a performance brush, a true Sonicare designed for Kids. The feedback both personally and online has been great and if it even has a chance of improving your childs oral hygiene, can you really put a price on that?